2019 MIXED HOCKEY Information

General Information:-

Welcome to Hockey 2019.

Rules: Please find a copy of the rules enclosed. These rules have been modified to suit the ability level of most players and to encourage safe play.


Venue: Olds Park in Round 1 then at Evatt Park, Lugarno for rounds 2-9. The first round will be social and skills based as we are sharing with touch football. The grounds at Evatt Park are flat and suitable for grass hockey. Line markings from the Winter weekend football may be limited/non existent and field dimensions will need to be adjusted due to the large number of schools playing and fields available, so make sure that you bring sufficient markers/cones to provide clear field markings. *I have attached a rough guide of field locations to give you an idea.


Player responsibilities: No player will be permitted to play unless they have a mouth guard and shin pads. This is an AREA directive.


Player participation:- As of this year and this season each school will provide Junior and Senior teams of around 15 players with 10 members on the field at any one time. As this is a mixed competition on-field teams must try to consist of 6 Girls/4 Boys or 4 Girls/6 Boys. However, since the purpose of this competition is to encourage enjoyment and be introduced to the skills of hockey if you can’t quite meet these conditions then please let me know. We want you to join in rather than miss out and may be able to arrange something. Please note that unless you can field a team that has 4 girls on the field at all times, you will be allowed to participate in the competition, but will be unable to accrue competition points.


Conditions of Play:- Junior Games will run for two(2) twenty minute halves, while Senior games will run for two(2) twenty five minute halves. If a school needs to leave early – e.g. 2:30pm – and therefore are not able to meet these playing conditions, then it is incumbent on them to arrange for a suitable division of time with the other school. Please note that to align with other sports in the district and to apply the ‘blanket’ ruling, Seniors will now play first and Juniors will play second.


Markings:- Where possible matches are played using a half of the football field. The lines used for football matches may assist in defining your field dimensions. Otherwise lay down cones to highlight boundaries. Due the size of the goalposts goals may be provided by cones or witches hats as a lifted ball in the scoring area will NOT be deemed as a goal.


The Competition will involve 9 rounds – commencing Friday 20 September (Term 3, Week 8) and ending Friday 29 November Term 4 Week 6. The Finals week will be held in Term 5,Week 7 on Friday 6 December. Please note that the first round will be a Social Round due to a sharing a field with touch football at Olds Park. This will be a time to consolidate knowledge of rules, drills and game play.


Results: Scores can be either handed to me at the ground or texted to me on Friday, or forwarded to me by e-mail no later than the following Monday.


Competition points will be allocated in the following manner – Win- 3 points, Draw – 2 point, Loss – 1 points.

Contact Information:-

Elizabeth Paul.

Peakhurst South Public School.     


Participating Schools:- 1.Narwee  2.Mortdale 3. Peakhurst West

4. Oatley 5.Penshurst West  6.Hurstville South  7. Beverly Hills  8. Oatley West   

9. Penshurst 10.Peakhurst South.


Competition draw:-

I will accommodate those schools going on camp wherever possible and if two schools are going to camp on the same week I will organise for them to play each other. However, if there are no other schools going to camp on that week then the school will either have to forfeit the match or play the Junior team against the seniors of the opposing team or compete with reduced numbers in the Senior team. This occurs in Rounds 2,4 and 5 for Oatley West, Penshurst and Beverly Hills. Points will be allocated as outlined in Competition Points.


Please read the draw and general information carefully and let me know if there any problems A.S.A.P.