GAME TIMES: 20 minutes each half. JUNIORS PLAY FIRST


On change over the team gaining possession must pick up the ball to take possession before play can continue.

1.      Junior teams consist of 8 players on the field, with up to 6 reserves. Senior teams consist of 7 players on the field, with up to 7 reserves.

2.      Substitutes can be made at any time. Players can interchange as often as    required.

3.      Spikes, blades and football/soccer boots are NOT to be worn.

4.      Play begins and recommences after a try has been scored or half- time with a tap from the halfway line.

5.      A try is worth ONE (1) point only.

6.      There is no kicking of the football in touch.

7.      Penalties are to be in the form of a tap from where the breach has occurred.  Defending side stands ten (10) metres from tap.

8.      Defending side must stand back five (5) metres at the play the ball.

9.      There is no marker in Touch.

10.    If the dummy-half is caught in possession, the opposition gains possession of the football.

11.    Dummy-half cannot score, but may run across the opposition’s goal-line and pass to a team mate in an on-side position to score. Dummy-half may NOT run over the touch line then out from the touch line to pass the ball to a team mate.

12.    When a team drops the ball the opposition gains possession.

13.    Is a player runs the ball back past his/her own goal-line, the opposition gains possession five (5) metres out from the goal-line.

14.    If a player runs into touch whilst in possession, the opposition gains possession five (5) metres in from the touch-line.

15.    A play-the-ball closer than five (5) metres to a goal-line or touch-line may be moved five (5) metres away from the particular line.

16.    Touches should be made with a minimum of force. Touching of the ball while in possession, players clothing or hair is considered a touch.

17.    In the play-the-ball, the ball may be rolled back between the legs, placed on the ground and stepped over or played back with the foot. In either case the ball cannot travel more than ONE metre. An incorrect play-the-ball results in the opposition gaining possession.

18.    Possession is limited to SIX (6) consecutive touches, unless the ball is touched in flight by the opposition which would restart the touch count. After six (6) touches the opposition gains possession.

19.    Players can be sent to the “SIN BIN” for a length of time, for example, 3, 5 or 10 minutes for over-aggressive play, non-sportspersonlike conduct or repeated infringement. Players sent off for the game are automatically suspended for TWO (2) matches. Sin-binned players may be replaced by a reserve. SENT-OFF players may NOT be replaced at any time.

20.    Coaches may go on the field to help organise their team(s) in JUNIOR matches only, except finals.

21.    The defending side may NOT leave the mark until the ball has been played and dummy-half has touched the ball.

22.    Attacking players MUST play the ball where the touch was made and NOT where they stop running after the touch.

23.    The game shall not recommence after a try has been scored until the referee is in position, and ready to restart the game with a blow of the whistle.

24.    Please remember to use the Mercy Rule when needed. Mercy Rule applies when a team has a lead of ten (10) in the game.




The game of Touch relies upon honesty and sportspersonship to be both a proper test of skill and an enjoyable sport. This therefore places the onus of achieving such an aim on the shoulders of the referee (usually the teacher). Thus, to help minimise this responsibility, and to force the players to develop acceptable attitudes to the game it is suggested that the following steps be adopted:-


1.      The referee is always right, even when he/she is wrong.


2.      If there is a particular player who may be calling “phantoms” warn him/her. Then if he/she continues, award a penalty and/or send him/her to the sin bin.


3.      If the player continues to make doubtful calls, then the offender can be sent off for the duration of the game. In such cases please notify me so that the players’ school may be notified and the offending player simply made aware of the need to improve his/her technique. PLEASE NOTE that these steps are intended to be applied to other rules or behaviour infringements.




Semi Final opponents will be finalised using the following system

1 v 4

2 v 3


These positions have been decided based upon the number of points accumulated by each team during the normal competition rounds. If there are teams on equal points, the order of these teams will be calculated on the difference in each team’s for and against.



Junior and Senior matches will be played over 2 X 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time. If the two teams are drawn at the end of this time then the team highest placed on the competition ladder will be deemed the winner.



Same as for the semi-finals, except that in the event of a drawn scoreline at the end of regular time, both teams participating will be declared joint premiers.