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  1. Both JUNIORS and SENIORS will be playing on modified fields this season. There will be 8 players on for each team (1 goal keeper and 7 on field). The field of play 50m long x 45m wide (refer above). Could all schools please remember to bring one goal to the park and the equipment mentioned above, the first school should begin setting up the field to save time. Nets are not mandatory. 


  1. Games should start as soon as possible after both teams are at the field. 


Match length:

- Seniors 20 mins per half

- Juniors 15 mins per half

Ideally, each teacher should referee one half of both the Senior and Junior matches. If this is not possible, the arrangements should be negotiated prior to the game commencing.


- Decisions on washed out games will be made as early as possible on the day or the day before

  1. All present FIFA rules of the game apply, however:

    • Junior and Senior goal kicks will be taken from a point level with the penalty spot.

    • Junior and Senior corner kicks will be taken halfway between the corner and the edge of the penalty box.

    • Each team may make unlimited substitutions during a game and players may return to the field of play.

  1. Goal difference will be used to determine final placings if more than one team finish on the same number of points.

    • If goal difference is the same, the team conceding the least number of goals shall be placed higher on the table.

    • If still level, the team with the most goals for, shall be placed higher on the table.


  1. A size 4 or 5 ball is to be used for both the Junior and Senior games.


  1. Mercy Rule: Once a team reaches a goal difference of 8 during the course of a game, that team shall be deemed the winner. That is the score that should then be submitted to the convener. With the discretion of both coaches, the game can then be modified to a more ‘competitive’ situation.


  1. If a team is unable to play on an allocated Friday, it will be deemed a loss if the opposing team is given notice. It will be deemed a forfeit if no warning is given.



Semi Finals will be played between the top four place getters. First place on the ladder will play fourth, with second place challenging third. The winners of both matches will then play in the final, with the other teams playing off for third place.


Selected Rules Penalty

A direct shot at goal, taken from the penalty spot inside the penalty box, awarded for:

  1. An intentional trip or push to an attacking player inside the box.

  2. A deliberate handball inside the box.


Free Kicks

May be awarded anywhere on the field for:

  1. Intentional handball

  2. Any form of unnecessary rough play including tripping, pushing, and holding back

  3. Swearing or abusive language

  4. Goalkeeper picks up an intentional backpass

  5. Goalkeeper picks up an intentional throw-in by the defending team


Goal Keepers

The goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball anywhere in the penalty area. To restart play after a save or gathering the ball with their hands, the ball must be thrown or rolled from the hands or played from the ground with their feet. The goalkeeper is not allowed to kick or drop-kick the ball directly from their hands.


The goalkeeper cannot pick up any ball intentionally passed or thrown back to them by their own team. If they do, a free kick is awarded where the keeper touched the ball. The keeper can only pick up the ball if it has been headed by either team, kicked by the opposition or thrown from the side line by the opposition.


The goal keeper can, after picking up the ball, run to the edge of the penalty box to throw or roll the ball into play.


Off Side

An attacking player must have an opponent between himself and the opposing goalkeeper when the ball is played forward by his team mate. Once the ball has been passed the attacking player may run through and play the ball. The player must be running for the ball and interfering with play to be off side. If a player is offside a free kick is awarded at the spot where he was offside.

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